Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the objective of this portal?

- "Seewills.in is created as a platform for Sarvodaya (up-liftment of all) for sincere aspirants to share their knowledge, guide co-aspirants, instill confidence through rating mechanism, to recognize their talent before UPSC recognises and transform an aspirant from customer to producer by providing catalytic financial assistance during the period of necessity based on their talent and ultimately wishing to see every genuine aspirant in the Rankers' List.'

3. What is rating?

Viewers are requested to rate the questions appeared in “Today’s Questions” between 1 to 5. Based on this rating, amount will be paid to the original author of the question within seven days period as shown below:

Sl No. Rating Amount (rs)
1 4-5 100
2 3-4 80
3 2-3 60
4 1-2 50